Andrea teaches and studies yoga full time in New York City. She views yoga as a method for harnessing creativity, finding joy, and seeing the world from new perspectives by means of manipulating physical form. By changing the environment in which we live - particularly our physical bodies - we also change the way we see the world. Yoga is Andrea’s main source for creating the best life possible and she loves sharing the techniques and tricks she has learned with anyone eager to know more.

Teaching Style   

Andrea's approach to teaching is very practical and, very deliberate. Though vinyasa-based, her classes incorporate many styles across many lineages. As a certified Katonah Yoga® teacher, she uses theory and dialogue to inspire creativity, conversation, and curiosity within the self in a way that is authentic and relatable as a millennial living in New York City. Her primary goal in teaching is to find insight within the self and ultimately figure out what to do with that insight. But how do we get insight? We have to be interested, curious, and excited about what we are doing in our bodies while in a world filled with distractions and sensory overload. With this in mind, you can expect a class that has room to be playful, technical, challenging, and with lots of good music.

   You can find her teaching public classes in the city or inquire for private/group yoga.

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